Joint Venture Consultant


    For over 20 years Allen Bisconti has been the go to guy for Internet leads, data, resources and online services at discount. Because of his numerous contacts, strategic alliances, and his bulk purchasing, he is able to offer huge discounts on Internet business services, SaaS, data/leads, and other needed online services all while providing consulting as a bonus. He has obtained control of a large majority of the leads & data being generated online (100s of sources) and provides access to them via monthly licensing subscriptions which saves companies thousands of dollars and a lot of time (Consumer & B2B Data). Companies deal with him instead of having to deal with dozens of other sources because they know he has the most volume, they can reach him anytime, and he has a lot of the other resources that they need to run and grow their companies. If you use Allen Bisconti as your Internet business & JV consultant, you will remove numerous risks and experience upside leverage via his resources and experience.  Get access to all the Internet business/marketing/SaaS services you need at discount through Allen while getting on going consulting starting today, contact him to get started.




    Ask about our Licensing options. You could offer leads and other services as a bonus or bundle to your existing services which would increase sales and retention! You could easily trump over your competition by offering such large valuable incentives.  Revshares are also possible if you have a B2B services/software.  Below is a list of some of the services available to be licensed through Allen:


    • Millions Of Internet Leads Monthly
    • B2B/B2C Data/Lists
    • Software Solutions (SaaS)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Video Marketing & Pay Per Call
    • Social Media Marketing Savings
    • Social Media Appending
    • And Many More Services Via Our Partners








    "Adding your leads and services to our membership will definitely help increase sales and retention!"


    "You guys get more Internet leads than any company we've ever dealth with"


    "Implementing your strategy of using joint ventures instead of doing it all myself has led to less work and more cash flow!"  W.P.
    "I would have never thought to do a joint venture with the best selling author I helped.  Now I can JV with him to endorse my new book and course for faster sales." S.K.  


    "Thank you for getting us an A grade actors endorsement!  RD




Joint Venture Consultant