Joint Venture Licensing
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    For nearly 20 years Allen Bisconti has been using his leveraged methods to grow his companies and has helped others as well.  He has created a consulting package unlike any other.  When you become a client via his monthly subscription, you will have access to Allen for any questions you have regarding Internet data, Internet marketing, joint ventures, barter and would also have access to his resources at cost which would save you a lot of money! 

    As part of the package, you would also have access to Allens Internet lead & data company which supplies over 500k leads per day in several lead categories from numerous lead companies making his company the HUB of the lead industry.  He will also provide Internet marketing (seo etc) via his JV partners if desired as part of a premium package.  Contact Allen for details on his consulting package ASAP.



    Imagine if your company could license Allen's data and marketing services? You could offer his leads and other services as a bonus or bundle to your existing services which would increase sales and retention! You could easily trump over your competition by offering such large valuable incentives.  Below is a list of some of the services available to be licensed through Allen:


    • Millions Of Internet Leads Monthly
    • B2B/B2C Data/Lists
    • Software (Marketing Platforms, CRMs, Etc.)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Video's With SEO To Generate Traffic
    • Optimized Landing Page Design
    • Social Media Targeted Marketing
    • Targeted B2B Database Creation
    • And Many More Services Via Our Partners










    "Adding your leads and services to our membership will definitely help increase sales and retention!"


    "You guys get more Internet leads than any company we've ever dealth with"


    "Implementing your strategy of using joint ventures instead of doing it all myself has led to less work and more cash flow!"  W.P.
    "I would have never thought to do a joint venture with the best selling author I helped.  Now I can JV with him to endorse my new book and course for faster sales." S.K.  


    "Thank you for getting us an A grade actors endorsement!  RD




Joint Venture Licensing