Joint Venture Consultant


    Allen Bisconti is an expert at identifying strategic joint venture & strategic alliance partnerships, providing companies with the marketing resources/contacts they need to generate more leads/sales online. (Provides online lead generation via subscriptions which saves companies a lot of money = set budgets). He has built his companies & helped others via JVs for 20+ years (since 1997). His data company provides millions of Internet leads throughout the month to companies. He also knows how to use barter to get marketing/services, utilize free marketing online, utilize subscription models for predictable cash flow, has access to just about every service your business needs online at discount or via revshare. Allen has been the facilitator of numerous successful deals that have helped other companies, some involving celebrities, popular authors, Fortune 500 companies and other big names. If your company needs an advisor to assist with identifying JV partners, resellers, bonuses to add to your existing services to increase sales/retention, to strategize, etc contact him ASAP. Setup a call by going to or email him ASAP at



    Online Lead Generation & Services via Subscriptions or Joint Ventures
    Directing You To The Right Sources For Your Needs




    I provide access to needed online discounted B2B marketing & services (or via JVs) and I can be your long term advisor & strategist as I’ve been in the online business/marketing niche since 1997 and am an avid researcher of what’s currently working and not working. My partnerships with the best continue to grow which benefits you. Besides keeping millions of leads coming in throughout the month I spend the majority of my time researching, testing new sources, negotiating deals with those sources for my clients so that I have proven, solid sources for my clients to use to grow their business. Below are just a few of the services I can provide in house or via my partners:

    Done-For-You Lead Generation (Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
    Joint Venture Partners
    Business Buyers/Sellers, Funding, Merchant Solutions
    Access To Millions Of Our Incoming Leads Daily
    Distribution Sources
    IP & Social Media Appending, SEO, Email Hygiene/Verification, Etc.





    I’ve been in business since 1997 (20+ years) & have owned several Internet companies that I’ve built via my resources, JV’s, etc. I have also helped several other businesses over the years. I have numerous relationships that allow me to provide unique deals to my clients that they couldn’t get if they went direct and I know which sources are the best for your current needs. Internet leads generated for you via a set monthly subscription (set budget) instead of paying per lead. I’m good at spotting potential joint venture partners for your company and unlike other Internet business advisors, I have assets to contribute to your company (data, etc).



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    Invision Holdings Inc gets in the largest lead volume in the industry which makes it the logical choice as a one stop data source for companies. Business & consumer data feeds, millions of leads coming in through out the month via daily feeds. Instead of charging per lead like most companies, Invision Holdings charges a set monthly licensing fee to access all or parts of the feeds. The best leads are all of them! These data feeds are great assets to use in joint ventures and strategic alliances and help Allen when it comes to setting up joint ventures for your company, it’s just one of the many assets/services he can contribute.





    Ask about our Licensing options. You could offer leads and other services as a bonus or bundle to your existing services which would increase sales and retention! You could easily trump over your competition by offering such large valuable incentives.  Revshares are also possible if you have a B2B services/software.  Below is a list of some of the services available to be licensed through Allen:


    • Millions Of Internet Leads Monthly
    • B2B/B2C Data/Lists
    • Software Solutions (SaaS)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Video Marketing & Pay Per Call
    • Social Media Marketing Savings/Packages
    • Social Media Appending
    • IP Appending –
    • And Many More Services Via Our Partners





    "Adding your leads and services to our membership will definitely help increase sales and retention!"


    "You guys get more Internet leads than any company we've ever dealth with"


    "Implementing your strategy of using joint ventures instead of doing it all myself has led to less work and more cash flow!"  W.P.
    "I would have never thought to do a joint venture with the best selling author I helped.  Now I can JV with him to endorse my new book and course for faster sales." S.K.  


    "Thank you for getting us an A grade actor endorsement!  RD




Joint Venture Consultant