Joint Venture Advisor
  • Thank you for taking the time to read my background and check out my portfolio. For over 25 years I’ve been utilizing joint ventures, strategic alliances, barter, licensing, the subscription/membership model, etc to build my companies and have helped other companies do the same.  I also specialize in lead/data acquisition and own a 25+ year old data company that licenses data to companies via subscription.


    What Makes Me Different: Unlike most others, I’m actively “doing” joint ventures to build my data company and help my partners. I’m always open to collaboration. I have numerous connections with companies that provide just about every service your company could need online. Because I know what works, what doesn’t, and who the best sources are, I can help you save time and money (reduce risk) as well as help you increase customer retention. I’ve done numerous deals over the years, some deals involving celebrities, popular authors, large companies and other big names. Click on Portfolio above to see some of the deals I’ve done.


    If you get a chance, be sure to read my article I published on joint ventures in my Joint Venture Advisor Magazine by Clicking Here. Make sure to click the Next Page button when ready to go to the next page (bottom right), navigation is pretty simple.  This article will give you a few nuggets of wisdom on the leverage available to you using joint ventures.


    I’m always open to creating customized training via a Licensing arrangement (my I.P. – knowledge, data, sources) to give you the knowledge you and your staff, users, members, subscribers, etc need to take advantage of these methods I’ve employed for over 25 years.  Example:  I can show you how to get unlimited leads, databases and even marketing, all on trade using JV’s. I’m also open to revenue & equity share partnerships, whatever is a win-win.  I can also take your existing buyers/customers and create new profit centers (income streams) without any added work on your part.  This is something I’ve been doing for over 25 years.  My contact information is below, I’m easy to reach.




    💻 Skype: invisionholdings
    ☎ Office: 276.601.6931





    Our data company gets in the largest lead volume in the industry which makes it the logical choice as a one stop data source for companies. Business & consumer data feeds, millions of leads coming in through out the month via daily feeds. Instead of charging per lead like most companies, we charge a set monthly licensing fee to access all or parts of the feeds. The best leads are all of them! These data feeds are great assets to use in joint ventures and strategic alliances and help when it comes to JV’s and Barter, it’s just one of the many assets/services I can contribute.





    You could offer leads and our other services as a bonus or bundle to your existing services which would increase sales and retention! You could easily trump over your competition by offering such large valuable incentives.  These types of deals work great if you have a B2B services, software (SaaS), memberships, subscriptions, etc.  Just about every online service a business could possibly need we offer either in house or via our JV partners.  20 years online providing Internet marketing and doing JVs has allowed us to work out great deals on just about everything which makes us the perfect JV partner/Advisor.

Joint Venture Advisor